The Winds of Change are Blowing

Summer is here, and Oghma Creative Media has seen incredible changes since the first day of Spring. Our staff has grown by leaps and bounds, our horizons have expanded, and the books just keep rolling out.

imagesFirst and foremost, our Spring/Summer issue of Saddlebag Dispatches hit the virtual shelves last week. Chock full of stores of the West, poetry, and fantastic photographs, this issue is also a tribute to Dusty Richards, the man who lent his dream to the creation of the magazine. And on a personal note, you will find my first published story in this issue—in the form of a feature article about Dusty’s life. Available in paperback and a special hardcover commemorative edition, get your copy now at, and wherever books are sold.

images3Dusty Richards wanted to create a magazine that brought together stories of the Old West, the spirit of the New West, and everything in between. Oghma Creative Media is fully committed to keeping that dream alive, for Dusty, for the fans, and for ourselves. We’ve had staff changes and additions with the magazine, to keep up with the steady flow of submissions we are getting, and to make sure that each issue is the best we can create. At this time, the magazine is published twice each year, and each future issue will be themed. Look for the Autumn/Winter edition in mid-December, focusing on the world of rodeo.

Speaking of staff growth, this summer Oghma Creative Media hired a new full-time editor to help with the work load, and ten interns for the summer and beyond. Because we are growing and moving forward so quickly, we need the extra help. And because of our humble roots, we want to continue to help others succeed in their dreams by teaching them how to succeed in the publishing world. We have six interns in the editing department, helping with story development, editing, and quality control. We now have three creative interns to put the books together and add those fantastic covers you see on our books. And we’ve added a wonderful intern to our marketing department, to help us get the word out.OghmaLogo2small-3

So many exciting changes… but wait, there’s more news. We have expanded out distribution channels, and all of our books are available everywhere English is spoken. Libraries, bookstores, and online retailers across the globe now carry our titles. This is especially exciting to us as we continue to add new, talented authors from around the world.

What next, you ask? Well, as soon as we have a moment to catch our collective breath, we will be pursuing foreign language sales. After all, we want to make sure that everyone has access to our fantastic and ever-expanding catalog!

If you haven’t yet done so, go on over to and, and find out what you’ve been missing. Happy Reading.


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