Welcome Painted Woman, Happy Birthday Dusty Richards

My apologies, loyal readers, for making you wait for this post. Yes, it was due Saturday past but I’m hoping that you will understand when I say that the weekend was crazy busy for me my husband is a Veteran).

Let’s start out with the film Painted Lady. Unfortunately, I was not able to personally attend the screening in Poteau, Oklahoma due to short notice and prior commitments. Our company was represented by other members, so I did get some wonderful insights to share with you.

Most importantly, I had the chance to talk to Dusty Richards himself about the film. If it weren’t for Dusty and his masterful storytelling, the film would not exist. As I previously mentioned, the characters in the film Painted Woman are loosely based on characters appearing in the Dusty Richards Spur-award winning novel The Mustanger and the Lady. Although the “Woman” in question is an important character in the novel, she is not the central character. But the world of film being what it is, some things just need to be adapted to fit the film, and create new audiences.

For those of you familiar with Dusty Richards and his work, you know that his stories are written in a traditional western style. Cowboys and their lives and goals are the central theme, throw in some bad guys, and a few women here and there for balance.

In Painted Woman, the woman is the central character, recreated as a strong, determined woman characteristic of today’s women and adored by audiences. This does not lessen the appeal of the film, and I strongly suggest you go see it if you have the opportunity (ask your local venue to request it). Dusty is very pleased with the film, and is particularly fond of Stef Dawson (of Hunger Games fame) who landed the leading role in the film. In Dusty’s words, “it’s a great film. And that Stef, she’s a great gal, she’s going places.”

Saturday, Western Sizzler in Poteau was the site of Dusty’s 80th birthday party. That is an accomplishment all by itself. Fans were invited to stop by and meet Dusty and wish him a happy birthday. Add that to the premiere of his first film, and it makes for a very exciting weekend for those of us here at Oghma Creative Media.


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